The Density of Energy

The density of energy is its potential ability.

The weight of energy is its force of authority.

The volume of energy is its magnitude of power.

The potential ability of electricity is called wattage.

The force of authority of electricity is called voltage.

The magnitude of power of electricity is called amperage.

The density of energy is equal to its weight times its volume.

Electrical watts are equal to amps times volts.

The potential ability of all energy is equal to its force of authority times its magnitude of power.

The potential ability of our Life is equal to the force of the authority of our Light times the magnitude of the power of our Love.

The density of Consciousness is its vibration called Life.

The weight of Consciousness is its frequency called Light.

The volume of Consciousness is its wavelength called Love.

Love is our magnitude of power that approves our quantity of competence.

Light is our force of authority that allows our quotient of capacity.

Life is our potential of ability that accepts our quality of capability.

The density of the Universe is called Reality and our perspective of reality is relative to the vibration of our consciousness.

The weight of the Universe is called Time and our moments of time are relative to the frequency of our consciousness.

The volume of the Universe is called Space and our perception of space is relative to the wavelength of our consciousness.

We see perspectives of Reality as intuitive imaginings.

We know moments of Time as revelations.

We feel perceptions of Space as inspirations.

The energy of Space has infinite wavelength.

The energy of Time has eternal frequency.

The energy of Reality has continuous vibration.

Relative gender divides our wavelength of space and reduces our volume of emotional power.

Relative polarity divides our frequency of time and reduces the weight of our mental authority.

Relative intensity divides our vibration of reality and reduces the density of our spiritual ability.

The density, weight and volume of energy is inversely proportional to the density, weight and volume of matter.