The Critic

The ‘critic’ needs to be right and to justify their own perspective of reality as being the real truth.

The critic believes that there is only one perfect reality that we all seek and the critic becomes the guardian of that singular reality.

One singular reality cannot exist in a dual reality world created for the purpose of experiencing extreme polarities of opposing reality, and everything in between.

Duality, or relative existence with dual polarity, cannot by definition have one fixed reality.

This three dimensional realm, of Space-Time-Reality, has infinite spaces, eternal times, and multiple continuous realities.

‘Multiple continuous realities’ means that we each have created and exist within our own reality, as we exist within our own space and our own time.

Our reality is very valuable and is defined by our True Values and is as unique and valuable to us as is our valuable ‘time’ and our valuable ‘space’. We appreciate how valuable our time is when we run out of time, and we apprecaite how valuable our space is when we are deprived of it.

We appreciate our reality, and our reality appreciates, once we appreciate that we create our own reality.

The critic, however, compares their reality to the reality of another in order to make a valued judgment of which reality is real, by virtue of its superior existence. The criticism of a judgmental critic may be valued but is never appreciated.

Superior and inferior are just a subjective judgment of what is good, better or best as opposed to what is bad, worse or worst. They measure a scale of relative perfection in a world that is designed to be relative and imperfect.

In a truly ‘perfect world’, criticism is not possible as everything is perfect and cannot therefore, by definition, be criticised.

It is the imperfection of this world that allows the critic to exist and to make judgments of relative imperfection that exist as criticism.

If perfection is being right then the critic can never be ‘right’, except of course from the perspective of their own reality.