The Creative's Dilemma

The Creative’s Dilemma is that they have too much energy and they do not know what to do with it.

Unchannelled creative energy results in hyper-activity.

Hyper-active people are busy being busy, doing uncreative things.

The unfulfilled Creative is busy expending energy doing things that meet their emotional needs in order to replace the energy that they waste by not being creative.

The Creative’s dilemma is that they are so busy creating chaos in their life that they have no time for creating what they truly value.

Creative energy is there for us to create our Ideal Life.

A dilemma arises when we do not know what our ideal life looks like.

We have the creative power without the authority to use it.

The Creative’s Dilemma is that they have the ability to live an active life without the stillness to know what action to take.

When a Creative learns their Vision, life is no longer a dilemma.

We are all Creative Beings.

Only those who fulfil their Vision in Life are seen by others as Creative.

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