The Business of Spiritual Growth

Spiritual power is “Positive Emotional Energy”.

It is called “Love” because we literally love it.

Positive Emotional Energy is generated by who we are Being for the purpose of powering what we are doing.

In our society, particularly in commerce and business, money is synonimous with power, not love.

In the absence of being able to bottle and store ‘love’, businesses use money to power what they are busy doing.

Business uses money as a form of energy that can be stored in a bank, and transferred physically from one person to another.

All businesses operate with a profit and loss account, which accounts for the difference between income (energy in) and expenditure (energy out).

A surplus of energy in, over energy out, gives an energy gain or profit. The opposite flow of energy results in an energy loss or a negative cash flow.

We are all in the business of growing our own personal spiritual energy by gaining a profit or surplus of positive emotional energy.

When we suffer a net loss of our spiritual energy reserves , we suffer a negative energy deficiency called depression.

As our Love for Life accumulates a Life of Love, we profit spiritually and grow with the appreciation of a positive emotional energy called Joy.