The 3 Stage Journey

A Life Journey of three stages is well documented in Religious History.

Like a 3 Act Drama, a 3 stage Journey has problems, challenges and opportunities.

Jesus Christ in the Easter Story faced the problems of Crucifixion  and the challenge of Resurrection before achieving the opportunity of Ascension into ‘Heaven’.

Moses in the Exodus faced the problems of a Jew living in Exile in Egypt, the challenge of the 40 years wandering in the Desert, before finally attaining the opportunity of founding Israel (Heaven) as the Promised Land.

Dante in the Inferno faced the problems of living in Hell with all its negativity, then the challenge of a journey through Purgatory, before finally arriving at the opportunities that awaited him in Paradise (Heaven).

It appears that we all have chosen different Paths in Life, yet we are all following a similar Journey with 3 unique, individual and exclusive stages.

Whether we call it Heaven, The Promised Land, Paradise, Xanadu, Shamballa, My Ideal World, or any other similar name, we are all seeking the opportunity to bring Heaven to Earth and return Earth to its original state of Being – The Garden of Eden.