Talking with God

Our mission is not to learn to talk with God but to listen to God.

Listening to God means listening to our Soul, who is our representative of God, or God’s representative of our Self.

Our mission is for our Self to be representative of God and to re-present God in each and every moment of time.

Our Soul never talks to our Self directly because our Soul never gives us directives, only directions.

Our Soul continuously gives us messages that direct us on our path and show us the direction our journey will take when we are on track to becoming One with our Soul.

When we become at One with our Soul, we are doing God’s work to the Divine Plan. The Divine plan is to become Divine, as our Soul has planned for our Self.

When we are following the directives of our ego self, we are doing the work of the little devil who motivates and drives us.

The Self is given total choice by the Soul, in the same way that each Soul is given unconditional choice by God.

Were the Soul to tell the Self directly what is required, the Self would lose its power of choice, with its authority to choose being denied.

The power of the Self is available only when following the path of the Soul, which is the Soul’s authority, but the Soul has no authority to tell the Self its path, only to guide and support the Self on its path.

Our Soul talks with God when our Self listens to its Soul instead of itself.