Talking to Our Self

We cannot talk to our self and get the answers.

The Self’s only access to the answers is by way of our Soul or Inner Coach.

Our Soul is the Divine Representative of our Self and has all the answers.

The Soul can only give the Self the right answer when the Self asks the right question.

Questioning our Self or seeking answers from our Self is therefore futile.

Questioning our self shows lack of confidence, as does talking to our self.

Confidence grows and expands as we talk to, confide in, and ask our Inner Coach the questions to which we require an answer.

When we ask the right question, we already know the answer. The act of asking the question allows the answer to appear in our conscious mind.

We are aware of the answer before we ask the question – but not conscious of it. The answer only materialises with the awareness of the question.

Our Soul communicates continuously with our Self. The question is: “Is our Self listening?”

When we see the co-incidences of Life and feel the highest emotions of Love, we are close to knowing the revelations of the Light of our Inner Coach.