Success in our society is measured by:

1. The attainment of status and position in the hierarchy of our society. This gives us perceived power over other people.

2. The accomplishment of learning knowledge and the qualifications to be knowledgeable. This gives us perceived authority over other people.

3. The achievement of obtaining money and the ability to make money. This gives us the perceived ability over other people, to have and do whatever we want.

Status, knowledge and material wealth define our degree of success and how much influence one has in society.

Influence is the ability to have power and authority over other people.

Unless people with influence continually create more status money and knowledge for themselves, their influence will decline.

Influence never made anyone truly Happy, although it will meet an emotional need to be better than others, which is greed.

Influence means: I am better than you because of my superior power, authority and ability to decide the fate of other people.

Successfully achieving Happiness is not obtained by seeking influence over other people, nor by allowing others to exert their power and authority over you.

The Success of Happiness is the fulfilment of our own exclusive authority; the joy of our own individual power and the contentment of our own unique ability.