Sturgeon's Revelation

Theodore Sturgeon’s 2nd Law became Sturgeon’s Revelation:

“90% of Everything is Crap”.

Sturgeon postulated that only 10% of what exists is good, real, true, rational, reasonable and sensible.

The Inner Coach knows that only 10% of our existence is experienced by our Conscious Mind.

Only 10% of our Mind is Conscious.

90% of our Mind is either sub-conscious or unconscious.

Science now knows that >90% of the Universe is comprised of either Dark Matter or Dark Energy, which are unobservable by our physical senses.

Our physical senses are only aware of 10% of the Universe that is Physical Matter.

More than 90% of Everything is Energy.

Consciousness is Universal Energy.

Energy is nonsense or ‘crap’ or irrational, when we fail to connect to its awareness emotionally.

To become aware of 90% of Everything requires our Spiritual Senses of being able to See, Feel & Know Intuitively, to be awakened and reactivated.