Spiritually Developed

No one is more spiritually developed than anyone else. We are all spiritually equal.

We are either awake or asleep, alive or dead, but never more advanced spiritually or better than any other.

To believe that we are more advanced or further along our spiritual path is an illusion of perspective. It makes the false assumption that we are all travelling along the same path.

When we follow the path of another, then by the definition of following our leader, they will be further down their path than we are down their path.

When we follow a leader who is behind us on our path, we are going backwards.

Leaders always appear to be more advanced than their followers. If this were not the case, their followers would be looking to follow someone else.

Leaders & followers is a duality of the same energy, which is based on greed & pleasing, winning & losing, victims & villains, arrogance & humbleness, teachers & students, employers & employees, to name but a few.

Spiritual Teachers do not teach. They are students of their own spiritual path and guide and support others to learn their own spiritual path.

When we allow others to follow their own path with our guidance and support, we receive the guidance and support that we need to follow our own path.

None are further along their spiritual path of development, yet some are more aware of where they are than others.