Spiritual Tuition

Spiritual Tuition requires a Spiritual Tutor.

Our Spiritual Tutor is our Inner Coach.

We connect to our Inner Tutor with our Intuition.

Intuition is our Inner Tutor giving us tuition.

Our Inner Tutor does not teach us lessons.

Our Inner Tutor presents us with opportunities to learn to grow spiritually.

Our Inner Tutor challenges us to learn our Life lessons.

To the unawakened, a life lesson that is presented by our Inner Tutor is a problem to be solved.

Unfortunately, solving problems may help us survive better physically but does not allow us to grow spiritually.

The ability to hear our intuitive messages gives us the opportunity for spiritual growth.

We master our spiritual tuition as we develop our Intuitive Spiritual Senses of Seeing, Feeling & Knowing.

Our Spiritual Tutor connects us to our innate Higher Widom and allows us to discover who we really are and why we are here.