Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual Intelligence is our ability to live our Life Spiritually.

It is our ability to balance our physical, mental and emotional aspects in harmony & unity.

We require Rational Intelligence to intelligently rate all the physical aspects of life in order to make conscious choices.

We require Emotional Intelligence to become intelligently aware of all the emotional aspects of life in order to make choices in full awareness.

Spiritual Intelligence is the product of combining our Rational Intelligence and our Emotional Intelligence together.

Rational Intelligence gives us the Authority to live our own life as we choose.

We gain Rational Intelligence from the experience of life that we obtain by using our 5 physical senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

Emotional Intelligence gives us the Power to live our own life as we choose.

We gain Emotional Intelligence from the experiences of life that we obtain by using our 3 intuitive senses of Seeing, Feeling & Knowing.

With Spiritual Intelligence we become Spiritually Conscious Beings having an Emotionally-Aware experience in a Physical World of Conscious – Awareness.

6 thoughts on “Spiritual Intelligence

  1. soulseeking

    I would be interested in sharing ideas about how to tap into our spiritual intelligence. Perhaps there’s a natural SIQ (spiritual intelligence quotient) but like many type of intelligence there is probably an innate level of this in an individual and a spectrum of potential, and many ways to highten the use of one’s spiritual intelligence. I suppose meditation is key to developing one’s SIQ…but also listening to music, communing with beauty, and …?

  2. theinnercoach

    We connect to Spiritual Intelligence when we feel our emotions in a rational way and we see the physical world in an emotional way.
    Spiritual Intelligence is the True Nature of our Soul.
    When we connect to our Spiritual Intelligence we find our Soul is its Source.

  3. soulseeking

    Thank you for elucidating ways of tapping our spiritual intelligence. Mine seems to be in a state of imbalance. I have no problem appreciating the physical world in an emotional way, but feeling emotions in a rational way would give me greater peace. Suggestions on that? Thank you.

  4. theinnercoach

    An emotion is a state of Being.
    We describe a state of Being with a descriptive word called an adjective.
    e.g. I am Being Peaceful (I am at Peace).
    Feel your emotion in an emotional way, then name your emotion in a rational way.
    When your state of Being feels negative, consciously change your emotion for a higher feeling one, one that feels better.
    All emotions are Pure Feelings that have been translated through our negative belief system.
    When we change a belief about our reality our emotional state of being changes accordingly.
    N.B. Choosing a higher emotion requires us to have enough emotional power. It is therefore essential that we understand what we are tolerating in life (losing energy to)and how to get our emotional needs met (raise our emotional energy).

  5. soulseeking

    Dear Keith,

    A little puzzled by the statement “All emotions are Pure Feelings that have been translated through our negative belief system.” Did you mean all negative emotions?

    The idea of naming an emotion is a good one, especially for negative and uncomfortable emotions. I’ve recently discovered that most sad feelings have a trigger thought…an awkward interaction or hurt from another person, or a memory of a personal failing.

    When I identify the thoughts in an objective sentence to myself (i.e., define the conscious or subconscious thoughts that are generating the emotion) and question the attributions I give to the incident or people, I can reframe for a positive outlook.

    Thanks for taking the time to share.

  6. theinnercoach

    Pure Feeling is the Love that our Soul has for our Self. Whether we interpret that Love as a positive or a negative emotion is determined by the reality that we are experiencing. When we change our beliefs, we change our emotions, we change our reality and the outer world in which we live changes with us. When we find Peace within our Self, conflict in our world will end.

    Thank you for taking the time to share.

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