Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth requires the ability to see Life from a new perspective.

In a fixed reality system, growth is impossible.

When we believe that there is only one reality and that it is fixed, then that becomes our reality and no spiritual growth is possible.

When we believe that we create our own reality with our thoughts and beliefs about reality, then that becomes our reality and spiritual growth is possible.

Without the ability to see Life from a new perspective, we are unable to create a new reality and grow into that reality.

The ability to see new perspectives in Life is limited only by our lack of imagination or our inability to see with our ‘mind’s eye’.

Whatever we can imagine in our mind’s eye becomes the focus of our thoughts and is then in the process of being created.

The question is not “Have I Imagination”? It is how well and easily can I connect to the unconscious part of ‘Me’ that is my imagination and my Creator, my Magi, and my Genie.