Being Spiritual is aligning and balancing our physical, mental and emotional energy.

Our emotional energy is our state of Being that approves our Power.

Our mental energy is our thoughts that allow our Authority.

Our physical energy is our actions that accept our Ability.

Our ‘Spirit Level’ measures how well aligned and balanced we are in this relative world of opposing dual realities.

At the molecular level of physical life, everything is comprised of the same fundamental atomic structure of elements, which is created by the elemental structure of atoms.

Beyond the level of physical atoms, everything is energy.

Energy is Spirit, and everything that is not of a physical nature is by nature spiritual.

Being Spiritual is living in full awareness of Spirit or Energy as it relates to us as individual Souls.

Science teaches us to live in full consciousness of physical matter.

Spiritual teaching expands our awareness of our spiritual energy.

We understand the physical world with our 5 physical senses.

We become aware of the spiritual world with our 3 spiritual senses.