Specific Gravity

Specific Gravity is the energy vibration that is specific to any subjective object.

Our Specific Gravity is our specific Power of Attraction.

By the Law of Attraction, like energy is drawn unto itself.

Like energy vibrations are drawn together.

Like energy vibrations of specific matter are determined by and as their specific gravity.

The relative density of matter (its vibration) is measured as its mass (frequency) divided by its volume (wavelength).

The Specific Gravity of Energy is measured by its wavelength (magnitude) multiplied by its frequency (force), which is called its vibration (potential).

The vibration of electricity is its electrical potential or wattage, which is measured as its voltage (force) multiplied by its amperage ( magnitude). Volts x Amps = Watts.

Weight is the force or strength of gravitational attraction on material objects.

Mass is the amount of matter that is present in an object.

The more mass that is present in an object the less ‘space’ there is between the molecules and atoms and the lower the vibration or energy potential.

The Specific Gravity of our Energy measures how ‘Attractive’ we are and is inversely proportional to the relative density of our physical matter.