"Spare Time"

Spare time is a paradox.

We have spare time when there is nothing that we have to do, and we need spare time to do the things that we have to do.

Busy people have no spare time, they always have something to do.

When a busy person has spare time, they look for something to do.

From a spiritual perspective: “There is nothing that we have to do”. Have to do’s are a toleration.

Spiritual people have all the time in the world to discern how to best use their time.

The best use of time is in the fulfilment of our vision, mission and purpose for life.

People generally only live their life on purpose when they can spare the time.

Personal development and spiritual growth is a spare time pursuit for people who have no spare time.

Spiritual people spare the time to consciously create their own reality, which has enough spare time to continue to create their own reality.

Time has value when it is free and available and we can spare it.