Our Source is where we come from.

Our Self is disconnected from Source, but our Soul remains connected and is our Source.

Our Soul is the Source of both our Power and our Authority.

We have Divine Authority when we connect to the choices of our Soul at Source. These are our Inspired Choices.

We connect to our Divine Power when following our Divine Authority. We realise our Inspiration through the revelation that is manifesting.

When connected to our Source of Power and Authority, we have the Ability to be, do and have whatever we choose. (We means our unified Self & Soul).

We always have the ability to be, do and have whatever is our choosing, because our Soul has given our ego-self unconditional choice.

However when our choice is not aligned with our Soul (who we really are), the ego is without its Divine Power & Authority, and will have to rely on ‘will-power’ to get anything achieved.

Only when aligned with our Soul’s Choice will we be empowered with inspiration and enabled to consciously create our reality effortlessly.

Our Soul never exercises conscious choice. Only our Self has that ability.

Source is totally and unconditionally accepting of what we choose to do, approving of who we choose to be and allowing of what we choose to have, in this life-time.