Soul Discipline

The Soul relinquishes control to the Self at birth. The Soul allows the three aspects of our Self, our unconscious heart, sub-conscious id, and conscious ego, to make our choices our self.

As our ego, our conscious sense of self, is as yet unformed, we come under the authority of our id and the power of our heart.

The power of the heart is evident in the pure love that all babies emanate. The survival instinct, that all babies are born with, is the authority of the id.

As we grow into a child our conscious ego grows and develops as we take the power and authority of our parents and teachers, who influence our beliefs and meet our physical and emotional needs.

As we grow up, we are taught self-control and self-discipline, which is being under the control and discipline of our Self. The question is: “What self are we a disciple of and which self is in control”?

Are we under the control of our super-conscious heart that drives us to get our emotional needs met or under the discipline of the sub-conscious id that is our belief system?

So begins the battle of good and evil between our heart and our mind to discover the nature of our conscience. The conflict between hearts and minds will continue to rage until our self becomes united and allied to our Soul.

As our Soul has given its choice to our self, the self can choose the choice of its Soul and follow its destiny, or choose its self and follow its fate.

We will follow the fate of our Self until we become conscious of our sub-conscious authority and aware of our super-conscious power.

Becoming conscious of our beliefs unites our id and ego self.

Becoming conscious of our emotional needs unites our heart and ego.

Becoming conscious of our dramas and conflicts unites our id and heart.

When all three aspects of Self consciously connect under the Discipleship of our Soul, we connect to our True Power, Authority & Ability.