Soul Control

The Soul has no kindness and no envy.

Different kinds of souls do not exist. Souls are Divine Aspects and therefore have no distinction and no separation in Absolute Reality. Souls just are part of All that Is.

Man is a creation of our Collective Soul. Individual people appear to have an individual soul because they have a unique soul path or path back to becoming their soul.

God is the sole soul that created individual soul identities or soul id-entities to experience individual realities.

Soul identities can interact with each other through their individual Self that is a three part being of heart, id, and ego.

Once the Soul gives control to its Self, the heart, id, and ego come into contention.

God did not give individuals choice. God created choice with the separation of the Soul into individual souls and selfs. Souls are prime creations with choice, that is possible because of the creation of the self.

The Soul exists in Divine Order where no choices are either necessary nor possible.

Man lives in the relative chaos created by the choices of the individual self.

Each Self is a three part entity of power, authority and ability with the choice of how each are experienced.