Sins & Virtues

A virtue is a characteristic that is considered to be morally good.

Morally good is what our religion decides and has decided is moral and therefore good.

A sin is a characteristic that is considered to be morally bad.

Sins and virtues are therefore characteristics that define whether we are good or bad in the eyes of our church.

Most churches believe that god decides what is right or wrong, good or bad, moral or immoral, and therefore what is virtuous or sinful.

Belief in a righteous, judgmental god, undermines the Faith that God has in Man.

God’s infinite Faith in Man allows all Men infinite choice.

God’s Faith in us is individual freedom of choice.

Freedom of choice allows each of us individually to choose what is right or wrong for us.

What I know is right for me is what I want and consider virtuous for me.

What I know is wrong for me, in this moment of time, I define as a sin and choose to be without it.

A sin is being without what we believe that we do not have, whether we have chosen to be without it or not.

God is without nothing and within everything. Being God-like is being without nothing, which is Divine, not virtuous.

When we are in sin, we are without virtue, and when we are virtuous, we are without sin. neither state of being is Divine.