Sharing Reality

An harmonious relationship requires the sharing of the same time, space and reality as your partner.

Reality is the experience of our truth and when we hold differing beliefs or truths to our partner, we experience a different reality, which in time will divide our space.

Following another’s path, truth, or reality, is our fate. We cannot share our reality with another unless their reality is the same as our reality. You cannot divide reality between people as an act of sharing, you can therefore only share your reality with another when it is the same reality as that other. We do not share differing realities with our partner, we tolerate them.

The paradox is that when both partners get that on separate paths their realities are divided, then they both share the same truth and the same reality. Only then is it possible for a couple to follow their own unique paths and still share the same reality.

Once we accept the paradox of separate paths with the same reality, we can experience being separate in togetherness, which is inter-developmental, as opposed to being together in separateness, which is a co-dependency.

The universal force that attracts is the same universal force that repels. Whether our reality is attractive or repulsive to our partner is decided by our beliefs and our truths, which determine whether our realities are shared or divided.

As we each create our own reality, the only way to truly share our reality with our partner is to create it together. This is only possible once both partners have attained the ability to consciously create their own reality.

Once we take responsibility for creating our own reality, we can then create a shared reality, responsibly and together.

For this to become possible, we must first stop trying to create someone else’s reality for them. When we take responsibility for creating someone else’s reality, we stop them sharing their reality with us, because they do not have their own reality to share. Instead they are forced to tolerate ours. The only reality they have is the reality that we have created for them.

In Absolute Reality we share our Truth with everyone. In the relative dual reality of physical, material life, we have a choice whether we share our reality with a partner who shares the same reality, or whether we tolerate a relationship of give and take and compromise that is created by the tolerations of differing realities.