Sexual & Sensual

Sexual and Sensual are not a duality.

A sexual encounter can be sensual or insensitive.

A sensual relationship has emotional feeling.

A sexual relationship has physical feeling.

An intimate relationship is sexual and sensual, physical and emotional.

Sensitive people feel other people emotionally.

Insensitive people feel other people physically.

When we are sensitive to another’s physical touch, it is not sensual and not wanted and may be seen as sexual.

When we are insensitive to another’s physical touch, it is seen as neither sexual nor sensual.

When we are sexually sensitive to physical orgasm only, it is not sensual.

When orgasm is the climax of both a physically and emotionally sensitive experience, we are being sexually-sensual and sensually-sexual.

Romance has emotional sensuality without physical contact.

Lust has physical contact without sensual feeling.

Intimacy requires sexuality, sensuality and sensitive-detachment.