Sensitive & Emotional

Being emotional is feeling our body’s response to the vibrational state of being that is caused by whatever we are thinking or giving our attention to. Thought is the subject of our attention.

Being sensitive is feeling our body’s response to the vibrational state of being of someone else.

Being attached is harmonising with someone else’s emotional feelings. When we allow other people’s emotions to affect us, we lose the ability to connect with our own emotions and stay subjective.

Being too sensitive or over sensitive is being adversely affected by someone else’s emotional state of being due to our attachment to them or our identification with their emotional situation. Being too attached is being sensitive in a detrimental way to our own state of being. In other words their negativity is having a negative effect on us.

Being detached is having no emotional attachment to someone else’s emotional state of being. It allows us to stand in the gap for someone else emotionally and be there for them without being affected by them emotionally.

Being detached means not sharing the resistance that another is feeling to their current vibrational state, which means not sharing that person’s emotional state of being. It is being neutral to another person’s positive or negative state of being.

Being neutral is being unaffected by another’s emotional charge, whereas being insensitive is feeling no emotional charge from them.

Being closed down to another’s emotional state is to be insensitive. Being closed down to our own emotional state of being is to be unemotional.