Sensing Vibration

We sense vibrations of light with our visual eyes.

We sense vibrations of sound with our physical ears.

We sense vibrations of matter as physical touch.

We sense vibrations of molecules as taste and smell.

We sense imaginary pictures in our mind’s eye as a thought vibration that we can ‘see’.

We sense words of revelation as an  epiphany or thought vibration that we just ‘know’.

We sense realisations of emotions as feelings or a thought vibration about how we are ‘feeling’.

Visible light is the vibration of packets of energy called photons hitting the retina of our eye.

Audible sound is the vibration created by atoms of matter colliding with the drum of our ear.

Touch, taste and smell are determined by the vibration of different molecules of matter on our skin, nose and tongue.

Seing, Feeling and Knowing are the spiritually intuitive sense of energy vibrations that we receive as either pictures, words, or emotions and translate into our conscious thoughts as inspirations, revelations, or the genius of our imagination.