Selfish, Unselfish or Sincere

Selfish is being the subject of one’s fate.

Unselfish is being the object of someone else’s fate.

Sincere is being our adjective truth – our destiny.

Since-here is being in the truth of the moment. Since means because of or the result of. Here means the present or the now.

Sincere is the truth of our reality in this present moment of time at this place in space. Sincere is our own unique, individual and exclusive space-time-reality.

Present means here in space. Potential means our attainable reality. Hear means receive our revelation in that moment. When space, time and reality become as one, we become present to hear our potential.

When we know each moment of time, we become scient. When we feel each perception of space, we become potent. When we see each perspective of reality, we become present.

With the science of Light, we become sincere; with the potential of Love, we become expansive; and with the presence of Life, we become effortless.

With selfishness, we resist and contract with the mind of our ego. With unselfishness, we conform and appease our sub-conscious will or the ego of someone else.

Selfish or unselfish is a drama of relative duality, which is designed to meet our emotional needs as a result of our limiting beliefs.

Effortless, sincere and expansive is the way, the truth and the life.