Self Worth

Self-worth is the power to feel the positive Joy of who we really are.

It is the magnitude of our positive emotion that we feel and emanate out to others in a way that allows them to value us as worthy and having worth.

The magnitude of our self-worth is the value of our state of being, to us and to others. When we become insensitively detached from our feelings, we are unable to sense our power and value our worth, and we develop a need for approval from others in order to feel worthy.

False self-worth is measured by how much money we have. It is the value of our bank account and our material assets that are used to see how much we are worth.

Money is falsely believed to give us power, when all it does is give us power over other people who believe that they need money. People without money are valued by their ability to work and make money for people with money.

The pursuit of money becomes a pursuit of power over others, in order to maintain and expand our falsely presumed wealth.

All the money in the world does not make someone valued, worthy and emotionally wealthy. The richest people in the world often become miserly and reclusive.

True self-worth is the measure of our state of being, which cannot be purchased with money. We can buy safety and security, comfort and fleeting pleasure, but none of these will attain the state of Being in pure Joy.

Our self-worth increases as we feel the positive excitement of our highest emotions.