Self-esteem is the ability to live life to its full potential.

It is the measure of how highly we regard our life with esteem, which is relative to our ability to fulfill our potential in life.

False self esteem is the vanity of status and position in our society.

Appearing physically attractive; being acknowledged by others; our breeding and relationships; how much we earn; where we live; the car we drive; and the job we do; all serve to raise our status and position in the pecking order and hierarchy of our society.

We suffer low self-esteem when uncomfortable in the presence of others of higher status, greater wealth, more importance at work, or esteemed by society for their celebrity status and exceptional achievement.

The solution to low self esteem is not the pursuit of fame, money and acknowledgement from ones peers as this will just appease our vanity and theirs.

The more vainly we pursue self-esteem from our perceived status in life, the more we pursue it in vain.

True Self-esteem is how we see our Self, once we attain the authority and attributes of our true power.