Self Discipline

Self Discipline is being a Disciple of the Self.

It is becoming a ‘Follower’ of our Real Self, our Soul, not our ego self.

Self Discipline is following the messages that we receive directly from our Soul.

Our Soul knows our Life Path and our Vision, Mission and purpose for this life-time.

Following the choices of our Soul allows us to fulfil our Vision, be content with our mission and to enjoy our purpose for this life.

Becoming a Disciple of our Soul is a conscious choice.

Our Soul allows our Self unconditional choice.

Our sub-conscious choice will always default to our sub-conscious programming and beliefs until we have ‘awakened to’ (become conscious of) the existence of our own Path.

Without Self Discipline, we will follow the authority of another and endure the discipline that accompanies the choices and authority of another.

Self Discipline connects us to our True Authority, to do what we truly value, and connects us to our True Power, to be who we really are, to enable us to do what we have come here to do.