Seers, Gnostics & Sensitives

We all default naturally to one of the three spiritual senses of Seeing, Knowing or Feeling.

Seers default naturally to their sense of Seeing with their spiritual eyes. Our spiritual eyes connect us to the genius of our imagination.

False seers have the gift of foresight and prophecy, which sees one probable future but limits all other possible futures that are available to us through choice.

The unawakened who are not alert to their own messages may well seek the services of a prophet or fortune-teller to advise on their future. In such cases they are not creating their own future from their own imagination but accepting a future from the imagination of another that will become their fortune by chance and therefore their fate by default.

Gnostics default naturally to their sense of Knowing with their spiritual ears. Our spiritual ears connect us to the revelations of Knowing that are our Truth.

Gnostic means the One who Knows, and the One who Knows, knows only their own path, and they Know that they know only their own path.

False Gnostics congregate to form a religion called Gnosticism that portends to have the Knowledge of the mysteries of Life. Like all religions thay are using ancient texts and the gift of hindsight to pass on ancient knowledge to modern followers. Those who truly Know, know that this is not Divine Revelation in the present moment of Time.

Sensitives default naturally to their sense of Feeling with their spiritual hands. Our spiritual hands connect us to the clarity of our Power and Inspiration.

False sensitives feel the presence of the spirit world through insight and have an insight into the spiritual world that is not Divine and Holy.

It is through inspiration that we feel our Power not through insight. Insight is for the clear seeing whereas Inspiration comes to those who Feel with Clarity.