Seeing "Eye to Eye"

Seeing “eye to eye” is sharing the same reality as another. We see eye to eye when our perspectives agree and when our perspectives disagree we fail to see eye to eye.

It is not that I disagree with another but the fact that my perspective is not the same as another’s perspective.

Seeing eye to eye with another is less important than seeing eye to eye with one’s self.

We are conscious of the physical world through our physical eyes and we are aware of the spiritual world through our spiritual eyes.

We see eye to eye with our self when our conscious self (our mind) agrees with our emotional self (our heart) and both agree with our Soul.

The eyes of the Soul see the bigger picture of Life, whereas the eyes of the self see only the smaller picture of our own reality.

We see eye to eye with our soul when we see how our little picture fits into the bigger picture of Life.

When we see only the little picture, we are blind to our spiritual awareness and cannot see eye to eye with our True Reality.

We are required to see eye to eye with our physical and spiritual realities before we can truly see eye to eye with another.

To share another’s reality we are first required to know our own reality and that we each create our own reality.

When we are sensitive enough to see another’s reality we can become detached enough to share it, whilst retaining our own perspective of reality. This is being transparent.

Looking eye to eye with another requires the detachment of knowing who we are and the sensitivity to see who someone else is being.

Seeing eye to eye sees through the mask of falsehood and deceit behind which we try to hide.

Our eyes are the gateway to our Soul.

Let those who have the ‘eyes’ – See.