Sarcasm & Wit

The distinction between sarcasm and wit is a matter of the polarity of our perspective.

 A witicism or witty remark highlights the irony of an oxymoron, where duality or paradox are seen from an abnormal context.

When we are detached from the source of the humour, we can look positively at its wit. When we are attached to the negativity of an issue, it becomes caustic, offensive and bitter sarcasm.

Prejudice and resentment create a sarcastic viewpoint, whereas equality and acceptance allow and approve of wit and humour.

The more accepting that we are of ourself, the less sensitive that we are to sarcasm, and the more free we are to laugh at our wit.

The more open that we become to who we are being, the more we can see the bigger picture of who we are, appreciate the paradoxes of life, and understand the irony that dual reality existence creates.

Our Inner coach has a sense of humour delivered with positive wit, never with negative sarcasm.

Our journey in the realm of relative duality requires us to enjoy a sense of humour that allows us to ‘laugh off’ the absurdity of the dramas that we create in our life.

Life becomes serious and a matter of life and death when we treat it seriously. With humour and wit we can enjoy the Lighter side of Life.