Rich & Wealthy

We are rich with physical resources and wealthy with an abundance of emotionally positive energy.

We cannot become wealthy by being rich and we can be rich without being wealthy, but we cannot be wealthy without becoming rich.

If you would rather be rich and unhappy than poor and unhappy, then you will become rich but unhappy.

If you would rather be poor and happy than rich and unhappy, then you will become happy being poor.

Happiness is not dependent on being rich or poor.

When we choose to be wealthy with happiness, then we will receive a wealth of riches and an abundance of happiness.

An abundance of energy manifests as the Power of Love in the form of Happiness, Health, Wealth, Wisdom, Time, Space, and the Reality of money and material possessions.

When we meet all our emotional needs, we connect to our true source of power and become wealthy. We can then do what we truly value to do and enjoy living an abundant life experiencing everything of value and valuing the richness of everything that we experience.