Reverse Polarity

Reverse Polarity occurs when our mood swings from positive to negative.

When our Ego’s choice is aligned with our Soul’s choice, we experience positive polarity.

With positive polarity, we are moving energetically in a forward direction. We are said to be ‘on track’.

With reverse polarity, we have suddenly changed direction and become stuck, negative and off track.

A negative emotion is the result of a negative thought.

A negative thought is one generated by a fear or a limiting belief and will create the feeling of a negative emotion.

Negative thoughts are a reflection of our Ego Self’s negative persective of Life.

When we challenge a negative thought and replace it with a more positive one that is aligned with our Soul’s Authority, which is Truth, our energetic state of being changes polarity and we become energetically more positive and better connected to the Power of our Soul, which is Love. 

When we align with our Authority Soul-wise, we become Soul Wise and this will connect us automatically to our Soul’s positive energetic Power.

When we choose a thought that is not aligned with our Soul’s path for our Self, our energy polarity reverses.

Our Soul does not provide us with the power to follow the will of our Ego Self.

Choices of the ego’s will, will need will power because they will encounter much entropy and resistance  trying to succeed against the flow.