Religion is one Man’s representation of God.

It is one vision of one Man’s beliefs about the Creator of the Universe.

A Spiritual Master knows that all Men have their own path in Life and are destined to see Life from a unique, individual and exclusive perspective.

A Spiritual Master never seeks to be the founder of a Religion.

A Spiritual Master knows that to encourage a person to follow the same path would result in the loss of both their paths. As we give, so do we receive.

A Spiritual Master knows that it is not our purpose to follow the Path of Mastery, but to Master the Path that we are following and the Life that we are leading.

A Spiritual Master is an example of having Mastered the path that they have followed.

Christ did not start the Christian Religion – his followers did.

Religion is not founded by a Spiritual Master, but by their followers.

Spiritual followers succeed a Spiritual Master to become Religious Leaders.

Religious Leaders follow the path of a Spiritual Master, not their own path.

Religious Leaders seek followers to endorse their Master and their Leadership.

Religion will always find conflict with a Man’s True Path.