Relative & Absolute

Our Self resides in the realm of the Relative.

Our Soul resides in the realm of the Absolute.

Our Soul has absolute choice but in the realm of the absolute there is no potential to experience, explore and discover different realities because everything is Oneness.

The Soul can only know itself through its Self that resides in the relative world of choice.

Our Soul can only exercise its choice through its Self. Without the Self their is no distinction between Souls.

So the Soul chooses to experience Life through its Self, and its Self through Life, in the physical world of relative dual reality.

For the Soul and the Self to be truly divided in reality, relative to each other, they are required to have separate choice.

Unless the Soul gives to its Self total independent choice, it cannot enter the realm of dual reality, because it would remain in the singularity of absolute choice.

In relative duality, the Soul retains absolute choice and the Self is confronted with relative choice.

In absolute reality the Self is either limited to the choice of the Soul or limited by the choice of the Self.

To be free of the Soul is to be limited by Life.

To be free in Life is to be guided by the Soul.

When we share in our Life, the power, authority and potential ability of our Soul, we are free to choose our Soul’s choice.

The choice of our Soul is freedom, it will never limit us.