The purpose of Relationship is to see who we are Being.

Who we are being in relationship to another is reflected to us in our relationship with them.

This is the Law of Attraction in action.

The drama of how we relate to other people is determined by our emotional needs and our fears or limiting beliefs.

When we learn the ability to relate to people within our own personal power and authority, we no longer need the drama of relationships.

When we no longer need relationships, we are free to consciously choose our relationship to other people.

When we are free to choose with whom we have a relationship, we are free to share our time, space and reality with people who share our time-space-reality.

The only True Relationship is between our Self and our Soul.

How well we relate to our Self determines how well we relate to our Soul.

How much we Love our Self determines how much we allow our Soul to Love our Self.

Our Soul does not need the Love of its Self. Our Soul unconditionally Loves its Self.

It is our Self that is required to: Love its Self as its Soul Loves its Self, so as to connect to the True Power of the Soul.