Being Reasonable is the ability to know the reason for what is occurring.

A rational person believes that there must be a logical reason for everything.

An emotional person knows that life is not always rational and reasonable.

A rational person sees irrational behaviour as unreasonable.

An emotional person sees unemotional behaviour as unreasonable.

Being Reasonable requires the ability to reason.

The ability to reason requires the ability to be both rational and emotional.

Being emotionally-rational and rationally-emotional is the only Reasonable state of Being.

We cannot start to be Reasonable until we stop being unemotional and irrational in our behaviour.

Just being rational is unemotional.

Just being emotional is irrational.

Everything that occurs in Life has a reason. Nothing happens by chance.

Rational ‘thinkers’ see the physical affects of Life.

Emotional ‘feelers’ are sensitive to the energetic effects of Life.

Being Spiritually Reasonable requires an understanding of Universal Law.

As we become Spiritually Aware, we see that everything is possible and everything is Reasonable.