Most people agree that there is only one Reality.

Most people disagree as to what that one reality is.

Both Science and Religion are searching for the ‘truth’ of the one reality.

Many religious followers are seeking to return to the reality of the Oneness.

However, Absolute Oneness has no Reality.

Absolute Oneness has no Space, Time or Reality.

Earth is a contextual field in which we can experience, explore and discover space, time and reality.

The question is: “Is this contextual field of Earth capable of sustaining multiple realities at the same time and in the same space”?

The Law of Attraction leads us to believe that our individual thoughts create our individual reality.

Therefore: “Are our thoughts individual, unique and exclusive to our Self, or do we share a collective thought and a collective reality”?

“Have we learned to create our own distinctive ‘Time’ & ‘Space’ in which our own separate  ‘Reality’ can manifest”? or “Do we maintain a ‘swarm’ mentality with a ‘herding’ instinct that follows the ‘flock'”?