Real & Genuine

What appears to be real in life is an illusion that we have created in time and space called our reality.

In our reality, time and space appear to be fixed, so we try to make our reality fixed also.

When we see the world through the genius of our imagination, we know that time is always advancing, space is constantly rotating and reality is always changing, as our perspective and beliefs act upon it.

What is genuine in Life is Divine and Absolute, which is undivided and Holy (Whole).

What is genuine in Life has no opposite and is beyond the physical realm of relative duality (dual reality).

Our genuine reality is Absolute Oneness.

The reality that we create as real for our self is whatever we choose to be real from the infinite possibilities that are available for us to create with our free will. (Free will requires creativity, genius and imagination).

Alternatively we can accept everyone else’s reality as our own, but in another’s reality, we shall never find our genuine self.