When we ‘repair’ something, we bring two halves together to make them whole.

When we ‘re-pair’, we re-unite a pair back to Oneness.

Pairs exist in dual reality as opposing perspectives of the same whole energy.

In the world of relative duality everything exists in pairs because everything is divided relative to itself.

Repairing One’s Self is the act of Redemption or Redeeming our Divinity.

When we redeem our Oneness, we see Life as unified, whole and repaired.

Our relative world of dual reality is a contextual field in which all things may be experienced as divided and in need of repair.

When we re-pair the male and female aspects of the gender of our energy, we discover the unified Power of our Love.

When we re-pair the positive and the negative aspects of the polarity of our energy, we discover the unified Authority of our Light.