Rational & Emotional

Being rational is our ability to rate the experiences that we have in life. When we see life rationally, we become aware of what is good for us and what is bad for us, so that we may discern in future what we do and do not want in our life.

Without the rational ability to decide what is good, better or best for us, we cannot compare it with what we consider to be bad, worse or worst for us.

Our rational ability determines the criteria by which we make choices, which is our authority to be, do and have whatever we manifest into our life.

We are the creators of our own reality, whether we do so consciously or not. Without the conscious rational ability to choose, we create our existence by default and become a victim of our fate. We believe that whatever turns up is down to the luck of the draw. Without conscious rational choice, life becomes a lottery.

It is our choice that is required to be rational and reasonable, not our view of the physical world. When we see the world as rational and unchanging, we abdicate our creative ability to choose our own reality and follow our own destiny. The world becomes a fixed creation of nature rather than a creation of our collective natures.

Being emotional is an expression of the power of our creative ability. When our emotion is directed or influenced by our beliefs it can have either a positive or a negative polarity.

This means that the ability of our emotional power can create both good and evil as an expression of what we either want or do not want in life.

The intensity of our emotion is a measure of its ability to create quickly. The greater the intensity of our emotion the less time it takes to manifest into our life the essence of the sponsoring thought behind the emotion. Whether the polarity is positive or negative is irrelevant. Good things that we want manifest just as quickly or slowly as bad things that we do not want, dependent on the intensity of the emotional experience.

Unemotional people abdicate their conscious ability to create their own reality because they are unaware of both the polarity and intensity of their own creative power, whereas irrational people can create their own particular brand of havoc very quickly and easily.