Raising the Dead

Spiritualists believe that they speak to the souls of departed relatives and relate to departed souls in the after life.

We create our own reality, therefore whatever we believe, we create.

Spiritualism is a belief system and therefore a religion.

Belief systems are common beliefs held by many people. The more people that hold the same or similar beliefs, the stronger the belief system or religion becomes.

The stronger a belief system, the more potential it has to manifest and create its own beliefs as reality.

One of our strongest belief systems is modern science. Science is the main religion of an atheist and an agnostic.

With enough belief, we can raise the dead and have a conversation with departed souls.

The question is: “why would we choose to”?

Can a dead relative really help us on our spiritual path?

If they were unaware of our path in life, why would they know it in their after-life?

Following our ancestral lineage is our fate in life. Whether that lineage is alive or dead is irrelevant.

Awakened Souls follow their destiny and their ‘Light’. They do not linger in an ‘after-life’.