Racism is the belief that one race or nation is superior to another.

Racism is being prejudiced in favour of one race or nation over another.

Rascism is the belief that one culture is better than any other.

Race-ism is the competition between different races and creeds to win.

Racism is founded on a belief that we are not all equal.

Racism is the arrogance of pride, greed and vanity.

Racism is the humble prejudiced by the arrogant, the pleasers prejudiced by the greedy and the modest prejudiced by the proud.

Racism, prejudice and bias are always the accusation of an inferior mentality that feels victimised and oppressed.

Without the inferiority complex of a victim, racism cannot exist.

The winners are always as racist as the losers, and the losers as racist as the winners, in the human ‘race’.

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