“The only difference between an entrepreneur and a racketeer is perspective”.

“The only difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter is perspective”.

“Our ability to consciously create our reality is relative to the power of our attributes and the authority of our attainments”.

“There is always a reason for our actions, although the reason is not always rational”.

“Imagination is the gift of the Magi”.

“We marry for emotional reasons, yet we need a rational reason to divorce”.

“The attainment of mastery requires the mastery of attainments”.

“We never get bored with Life, only the lack of it”.

“Turning matter into energy is a human activity. Turning energy into matter is a Godlike activity”.

“The only failure in life is to be driven by success”.

“When we attempt to solve a problem that doen’t yet exist, we actually create that problem”.