Purgatory is where we face our frustrations, our tolerations and our anger.

We face our anger when we are not being who we really are.

We face our tolerations when we do not have everything as we want it.

We face our frustrations when we cannot do everything that we wish to do.

Purgatory is where we learn to be, do and have whatever we choose by purging our anger, frustration and intolerance.

The antidote to anger is not patience or meekness but Approval of who we are – our self-worth.

The anti-dote to intolerance is not humility or humbleness but Acceptance of what is occuring with self-esteem.

The anti-dote to frustration is not sloth or laziness but Allowing life to flow without resistance and with self-confidence.

The journey into purgatory can be a steep and slippery slope and an arduous climb.

We require divine guidance to assist us in our journey through purgatory, it is no place to travel when alone.