Psyche meant Soul to the Ancient Greek Philosophers.

Today, Psychology is the study of human behaviour.

Yet Psychology literally means “Study of the Soul”.

Psychologists are mainly studying the workings or behaviour of our ‘id’ or sub-conscious mind.

It is our sub-conscious ‘id’ that determines our behaviour until we become awakened and conscious of the Path of our Soul.

True Psyche-ology is the study of our Life Path and what our Soul has chosen for our Self in this Life-time. It is the study of our True Identity.

The Soul has chosen for its Self to overcome the programmed behaviour of its sub-conscious id that drives the personality and character of its unawakened Self.

The Psyche has given its Self freedom of Choice. It cannot then determine the behaviour and actions of its Self.

The study of the character and personality of Human Behaviour is better termed as Id-ology or Idology.

When we study the Id without the Entity of our True Psyche, we are not aware of our True Id-Entity, and we are worshipping a false idol called our ego, which is neither an idyll experience nor is it pursuing an ideal Life.