Prophets & Priests

Clairvoyant literally means clear seeing or the ability to see into the future.

Clairaudient literally means clear hearing or the ability to know the future.

Clairsentient literally means clear sensing or the ability to taste or smell what is not physical.

None of these abilities is Divine because Divinity requires clarity of Feeling, presence of Seeing, and direct Knowing.

We Feel with clarity to access our Power and become omnipotent, whereas when we see with clarity, we are playing the role of a clairvoyant.

We Know with direction when we hear the word of our authority and become omniscient, whereas when we hear with clarity, we are playing the role of a clairaudient.

We See with presence in the ability of the present moment and become omnipresent, whereas when we smell or taste with clarity, we are playing the role of a clairsentient.

In our future, all possibilities exist because we all have ultimate choice.

The clairvoyant has the ability to see a projection of one possible future. The question is whether it is the future of the client or a projection of the clairvoyant? Does the clairvoyant have a Divine Appointment to pass on a message to us, or are they just trying to earn a living?

Remember, all possibilities exist. It is possible for us to receive messages from all aspects of our life, including clairvoyants, astrologers and fortune tellers but they are all playing the role of the prophet.

The prophet gives spiritual guidance based on their interpretation of the future.

The priest, witchdoctor, shaman and pastor give spiritual guidance based on their interpretation of the past.

One who has the Ability to See is a Seer.

One who has the Authority to Know is a Gnostic.

One who has the Power to Feel is a Sensitive.

The One who has mastered all three Divine Senses is the Messiah.