Problem Solving

When we attempt to solve a problem that doesn’t yet exist, we actually create the problem.

Before we can solve the problem, we must first understand what caused the problem.

The problem is always that we have missed an opportunity to learn and grow.

Problems need solutions otherwise they lead to chaos and disaster.

The best way to deal with a problem is not to solve it but to learn the lesson for which it was created.

Lessons are opportunities for growth and as we learn our lessons and grow, we avoid having problems in life.

Instead of enjoying solving problems, learn not to have problems.

The way to avoid getting a lesson is to listen to our messages.

Hearing our messages is the way to an effortless life.

When we don’t hear the message, we get an opportunity to learn a lesson.

When we don’t use that opportunity, it becomes a problem.

When we learn the lesson by hearing our messages, we have found the solution to not ever having problems.

The problem is always that we are not awakened, not aware, and not listening.