Pride is our perspective of how well we are doing as an individuated Self and a separate human Being.

Our pride is a measure of how well we rate our self compared to others, and how well we rate others in comparison to ourself.

Pride is a reflection of our perfection and excellence in an imperfect world. Our pride excels when we are judged to be right and good.

Pride is a state of being right and good called being self-righteous as righteous people are seen to be right and good .

To be judged by others in our society as right and good, we are required to achieve a high level of perfection in obeying laws & rules and achieving a high level of standards, morals, ethics, & principles, in order to become appreciated, honoured, respected & acknowledged by our peers.

Opposing pride is the sanctimonious spiritual sin of humility. Humility is the state of being modest and understating one’s achievements in order to make others appear not to be wrong. Humility is being proud of not being proud.

Humility is introverted pride that seeks to be perfect without appearing outwardly to be perfect. It is projecting who we are pretending to be rather than who we really are.

Pride and humility are the same energetic state of emotional being witnessed from opposing perspectives. Both project the apparent good-ness and right-ness of the Self without the Goodness (Power) and Righteousness (Authority) of the Soul.