Powers, Principalities, & Dominions

Powers are the standards, values, manners, and worth, that enforce our boundaries to ensure that our emotional needs are met.

The powers of darkness are realised through our emotional needs. The powers of light are created by our manners, standards, etiquette, values and our need for self-worth. The antedote to the powers of light and darkness is being in Divine Love.

Principalities are the principles, morals, and ethics, which form the foundation of our belief systems.

The principalities of darkness are manifested by our false or limiting beliefs. The principalities of light are made manifest by our principles, morals and ethics, which we believe make up our self-confidence. The antedote to the principalities of light and darkness is knowing our Divine Light.

Dominions are the systems, rules and laws that govern our earthly physical existence and render it legal and legitimate.

The dominions of darkness are created by the dramas that are created by the conflict between our beliefs and our emotional needs. The dominions of light are the systems, rules, and laws that we require to protect our self-esteem and our status in life. The antedote to the dominions of light and darkness is seeing the divinity of Life.

With the Power of Love, the Authority of Light, and the Ability of Life, our inner demons no longer have credibility, reality or truth.